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The Business Caring Formula Podcast: Michelle N. Moore on Social Presencing

You are invited to listen to part 2 of a conversation about Theory U via my interview on The Business Caring Formula podcast.

Podcast host, Emma Arakelyan, asks me questions about Social Presencing, a tool to notice, recognize, feel, see the true potential goodness in the situation or challenge a team, organization, or system is facing.

We discuss the following questions:

  • What is Social Presencing? Where did it come from?
  • What is embodiment?
  • How does this practice help train vulnerability?
  • What is a “true move”?
  • How can we access different types of knowing?
  • Case Study #1:  “Improving Board Engagement, Peel Art Gallery, Museum & Archives, Ontario, Canada”
  • Case Study #2: “Developing Potential for Refugees, Immigrants & Citizens Umbria Region, Italy.”
  • Word of the day – wisdom

Listen to the Business Caring Formula podcast

The Business Caring Formula podcast is about building a leadership lifestyle. It fosters inclusivity and action-driven leadership while taking others on the journey. In her podcast episodes Emma Arakelyan shares stories of inspirational and caring leaders who are catalysts for positive change in the world.

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Photo by Jordan Cormack on Unsplash