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Why Social Presencing?

This is a continuation of the June 11, 2019 post, Social Presencing – A Practice for Tapping into Collective Wisdom. Why might organizations utilize Social Presencing? Social Presencing offers teams access to a another type of knowing, accessible by tapping into the physical, embodied world of an organization, comprised of human beings in their bodies. […]

Future Possibility of a Challenge Revealed

The Group Stuck is a mindful group embodiment and sensing exercise which makes visible the current reality and emerging future of an individual challenge. It is part of a series of Social Presencing practices.  The benefit of the exercise is to gain insight on the future possibility of this challenge. In this article, I share […]

How to Use Visual Models for Future Workplace Perspectives

Four Months. 300+ Teams. One Transformation Lab. In this second post about ET Group’s journey through MIT’s Presencing Institute Societal Transformation Lab (s-lab), a new Theory U Practice, 3D Mapping, is presented.  The s-lab is a four month program bringing together 300+ change teams across the world. Each team uses Theory U methods and tools […]

How to Model a Workplace of the Future – Through the Social Body

Four Months. 300+ Teams. One Transformation Lab. This is the first in a series of writings on ET Group’s (ETG) journey through MIT*’s Presencing Institute hosted Societal Transformation Lab (s-lab).  ET Group is an organization that has provided collaborative technology solutions for over 40 years. Now they are on an evolutionary journey to help solve […]

Is your team stuck?

Organizations striving for social impact are often stuck. It comes with the territory of the sector.  A stuck in an organization is something a team is trying to create, change or innovate that is not moving forward.  Stucks reside in individual team members as well as in the activities and results the team is creating together.   […]